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Automatic hose filling and sealing machine (high speed)PH-A200
1. Fully automatic hose filling and sealing (high speed)
2.Used for PEtube's,aluminum&PE multi tube's filling and sealing
3. Automatic feeding tube  - Cleaning - Alignment mark - Filling - Heating- Sealing &Printing  - Cutting the tail - Automatic fiow of export tube
4. Easy to operate, change the filling capacity only in the touch screen, different tube length products, no need to change the cam
5. Servo control filling, high filling accuracy
6. The replacement specifications are simple, the production parameters of the product can be saved and repeatedly called.
7. Wide application range and high flexibility
8.Operation interface friendly interface, smart tips
9. Easy maintenance and low cost of use
technical introduction
Machine model PH-A200
Production speed 80
Tube diameter Φ10-Φ60mm
Hose length 50-280mm
Filling capacity 2-320ml
Host motor 0.75
Machine weight net.1000kg/Gr1300kg
Packing size 2.56(L)*1.28(W)*2.2(H)
Air pressure 5 bars
Air consumption 0 L/min
Operators 1人
Short video equipment operation
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