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Friction testing machine

Friction testing machine is suitable for all kinds of products,the surface of friction test.

Salt spray test machine

  Salt for corrosion test box through the examination of materials and protective layer of sait spray corrosion ability and similar protective layer of process quality compared and some sail fog corrosion resistance ability appraisal,the product applicable to components and parts,electronic components,metal material layer and the industrial products of salt fog corrosion test.


Length measuring tool ueing optical projection system to measure the amplification of the measured part.

    1、To test whether to product is up to the tolerance standard.

    2、Precise mapping of the original product size.

Hose pressure testing machine

1.Testing the pressure and duration of the hose after filling and sealing

2.Testing the pressure and duration of the hose after filling and sealing, as well as the pressure resistance and sealing strength of the hose

3.Plastic container air pressure explosion test, which can be controlled by a computer to increase the pressure rate

Torsion tester

Test the sample for tightness and the torsion resistance of certain parts of the sample to determine whether the sample meets the torque requirements

Weight testing scale

Mainly used to detect and measure the weight and parameters of products per unit area, as well as whether the product weight meets the standards.

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